“Home” is more than a physical place.

It is a web of relationships whereby we are loved and accepted as we are, without condition, without having to deserve, gain, or earn love. From these relationships we can be our truest selves, live with meaning and purpose. Casa Building is a weekend adventure that connects people and communities through home building. Thus, Casa Building is about constructing “home,” physically as well as relationally.

Each of these Casa Building immersion experiences creates space for participants to serve alongside others in the Christian Life Community, Caritas, and Christus Families. The weekend is an opportunity to live more simply with and learn from God’s poor, through serving alongside a community in Tijuana, Mexico on a building project, visiting a shelter for migrant men, and learning about border issues.  By immersing in another culture and stretching our comfort zones, we learn about ourselves and others, while being open to God’s grace in new, life-giving ways.

On the weekend trips, participants spend one night in a home in San Diego before crossing the border early Saturday morning into Mexico and spend Saturday night at the community center in El Florido (Tijuana, Mexico). Accommodations are simple, but every available security measure is taken.

Participants meet at a convenient location in Orange County at 5:30 pm on Friday and return there around 5 pm. Carpools are arranged from both Los Angeles and Orange County to San Diego for each trip and the group is accompanied by an experienced guide from the local community who has been coordinating these trips for more than 25 years with the solid Build A Miracle Foundation.  More concrete details and exact schedules are sent out prior to each trip. Click here for a general schedule and click here for the packing list.

Contact us at casabuilding@clcusawest.org for questions or more info regarding this service partnership with Christian Life Community – Western Region.


Do you want to be a part of this response to Pope Francis’ call “to build, to create, to construct a culture of coming together”?

Opportunities for Groups

Casa Building is a great way for faith based groups such as CLC’s or post-retreat groups to serve together. A priority is given to people associated with CLC or involved with Caritas Retreats and other aspects of Christus Ministries. Casa Building provides a great opportunity for CLC members of different ages and backgrounds to live out three pillars of spirituality, community and mission in an integrated way.

Inspired by the De Colores Program of Loyola Marymount University, Casa Building warmly welcomes graduates of LMU.

Watch a four-minute informational video on Casa Building:

Meet the Casa Building families:

Ilce Mariel Family

Escobar Nieblas Family

Lopez De la Luz Family

Lopez De la Luz Family

Gaytan Sanchez Family

Sanchéz Marquez Family

Carvajal Ortega Family

Carvajal Ortega Family