Keeping  a gratitude journal is a solid way to grow, especially after a significant spiritual experience such as a retreat or service immersion trip. Cultivating a grateful heart helps us to see how blessed and loved we are. It also enables us grow in awareness and in trust.

Overall suggestions:

  • Find a small journal.
  • Begin journaling 3 times a week using the suggested steps below or click here for the handout.
  • When you have built momentum, increase the number of times each week.

Suggested steps to journaling:

  • Using stream of consciousness writing for 5 minutes, I let my pen & spirit guide me without worrying about forming complete thoughts or sentences: “Today, I feel alive/peace/energized/hopeful/grateful when …”
  • I read what I wrote & underline any words or phrases that draw my attention.
  • Choosing a word, phrase, pattern, or two among what I underlined, I recall the experience & what it meant to me. I reflect on how it affects the way I relate to myself, to others, to God.