As a way to help discover our personal calling in life, here are some questions for reflection based on the above video.

1. What gives you joy? What is the source of your joy?

2. Are you good at it (does it engage your abilities and gifts)? 

3. Does anyone need you to do it (genuine service to people around you)?



What's Your Decision?

by M. Sparough SJ, J. Manney, & T. Hipskind SJ

A fast-moving, personal, and highly practical book where the authors introduce readers to a time-tested Ignatian approach to effective decision making.

Let Your Life Speak

by Parker J. Palmer

A book that helps you to listen, love, and trust yourself. A reflective guidebook for those willing to take the inner journey that leads to discovering God’s dream for them.

Discovering Your Dream

by Gerald M. Fagin, SJ

A book that uses the Spiritual Exercises with an Ignatian approach to decision making, to guide through a discernment process that truly satisfies our deepest desires and leads us closer to God.