• St. Thomas the Apostle School (map)
  • 2632 West 15th Street
  • Los Angeles, CA, 90006
  • United States

For the past 6 years, people from the Caritas and Christus family have consistently fostered solidarity and built friendships with the El Florido community in Tijuana, Mexico by sponsoring one home a year through the Casa Building program.  We have been enlivened and inspired to witness what a hope-filled community our friends in El Florido have become. Houses are being built. Adults and children alike are being educated. Strong families are being fostered. The community is being economically empowered.

We invite you to join us for a family-friendly day of service in Los Angeles. With St. Thomas the Apostle School, we hope to further this trajectory of cultivating hope through building backpacks and solidarity. As we help children take hold of their education, the single most powerful force against poverty, we will also say “yes” to Pope Francis’ call to build a “culture of encounter.” The day will enable us to meet the face behind the backpacks: building personalized backpacks and reflecting on ways to connect in Christ through service. Lunch will be provided.

Feel free to contact ThiThoa at tton@christusministries.org or (714) 594-9665 if you have any questions about the day or concerns about accommodations available for you and your family.