Prayer & Identifying Genuine Needs (continued)

Click here to view Amy’s short video reflection about the helpfulness of persistence in praying the imaginative prayer below. In doing so, she was able to let go of self-preoccupation and was surprised by grace.


A. Reading & Noting

  1. Read Henri Nouwen’s In the Name of Jesus p. 51-70 (Chapter 2 “From Popularity to Ministry”). Note what consoles, challenges, or puzzles you while reading.

  2. Journal about your response to the following question: Have people (or myself) ever expected me to be a superman or superwoman, solving every problem on my own? How did I engage these expectations?

  3. See the Learning Community Gathering #3 handout.

B. Practicing & Noting

  1. Continue to pray for a person you’re inspired to accompany using the “To See & To Love as Jesus...” imaginative prayer. Feel free to listen to the recording below.

  2. Spend at least half an hour with the person you’ve been pray-ing for. Reflect on the following questions afterwards:

    • Did I notice any perspective widening, reframing of mental maps, or realizing greater depth of insight?

    • Is there any point to which I am invited to return and listen deeper?

    • Do I notice any concrete invitation from the Lord to connect deeper, affirm, or empower the person as de- scribed on page 7?

  3. Journal before the next gathering using these prompts:

  • What did I learn about God, myself, and/or others in my praxis?

  • As I accompany others, do I find myself trusting God (following the Spirit) or relying on myself (making things happen) more? How so?