Being Led Through Listening


A. Reading & Noting

  1. Re-read any part of Henri Nouwen’s In the Name of Jesus that particularly resonated or challenged you. Going over your journal may help identify what stands out for you.

  2. Journal about your response to the following question: Henri Nouwen sees three shifts in attitude or mindset crucial for servant leaders: from relevance to prayer, from popularity to ministry, and from leading to being led. Which one of these shifts pertains more to you at this time in your life & how are you invited to concretely cultivate this change in the way you serve, lead, or minister?

B. Practicing & Noting

  1. Twice a week, pray the Particular Examen on “Willingness to Be Led” by using the recording below.

  2. Continue to practice active listening as you engage people, especially the people inspired by the above Examen. Reflect on the following questions afterwards:

    • Is there a pattern to the way I actively listened, in terms of what hinders or helps me be empathetic (“feel with”)?

    • How did God and I “do it together,” or not?

  3. Journal before the next gathering using these prompts:

  • What did I learn about God, myself, and/or others in my praxis?

  • As I accompany others, do I find myself trusting God (following the Spirit) or relying on myself (making things happen) more? How so?