Prayer & Identifying Genuine Needs

Click here to view Jaclyn’s short video reflection of how she was surprised by grace in her imaginative prayer “to see & love as Jesus.”


A. Reading & Noting

  1. Read Henri Nouwen’s In the Name of Jesus p. 25-47 (Chapter 1 “From Relevance to Prayer”). Note what consoles, challenges, or puzzles you while reading. Notice how your mind and heart are affected and journal as needed.

  2. Re-read p. 2-4 of the Learning Community Gathering #2 handout.

B. Practicing & Noting

  1. Guided by the Spirit, choose one person to accompany in the next month. Use the suggestions on p. 5 (or use the mp3 below) to pray for the person 1-2 times/week. Reflect on the following questions each time:

    • Was there anything surprising that came up during the prayer?

    • Was this prayer helpful to you in praying for the person? How so?

    • Is there any point to which you are invited to return and listen deeper?

  2. Continue to practice intentionally meeting people at least once/week (using the “First Encounter” suggestions on p. 6) and pray for the person afterwards as in question #1 above.

  3. Journal before the next gathering using these prompts:

  • What did I learn about God, myself, and/or others in my praxis?

  • As I practice spiritual accompaniment and intentionally meet people, do I find myself trusting God (following the Spirit) or relying on myself (making things happen) more? How so?