Kerygma & Cura Personalis

My first time practicing “First Encounter” was not an easy exercise. Yet, it was marked by “open doors” and surprising hope. Click here to read more ...


A. Reading & Noting

  1. Read The Joy of the Gospel, paragraphs 160-175 (on the kerygma & personal accompaniment).

  2. If possible, also read paragraphs 1-25 (on the call to a renewing joy).

  3. Observe how you were consoled, challenged, or puzzled as you engaged the readings.

  4. See the Learning Community Gathering #1 handout.

B. Practicing & Noting

  1. Practice meeting people 2 times/week (using the “First Encounter” suggestions on p. 6) and reflect on the experience using these questions:

    • What’s memorable about the encounter (the person’s uniqueness, desires, hopes, concerns, etc.)?

    • How am I invited to be more attentive through the encounter?

  2. Journal, using the following prompts, before coming to the next Learning Community gathering:

  • What did I learn about God, myself, and/or people I met in the past weeks (regardless of how often or how “successful” my practice was)?

  • As I practiced meeting people, do I find myself trusting God (following the Spirit) or relying on myself (making things happen) more? How so?