From Pilot Phase to A Sustainable Future


  1. We are the only integrated Young Adult Ministry in the country engaging singles, couples, and young families with parishes.*
  2. We are in partnership with 8 dioceses, 4 religious orders, and 10 parishes to build the local Church.
  3. We are forming people more than just running programs.  
  4. Our scalability is in empowering people to learn, grow, and adapt to serve their local environment using discerning processes.


We met our $1 million fundraising goal for the pilot phase. 80% of this money went back into programming and support for you and the communities we serve together. Participants’ contributions cover less than 25% of our total expenses to run the quality and number of programs we offer. The other 75% comes from people like you who are invested in building a church of mercy for yourself and for future generations.

With your incredible generosity, we have been able to save $200,000 as seed money to propel us out of the pilot phase and into a sustainable future. We need to continue to raise $400,000 each year to maintain our current scope.  Meeting an annual fundraising goal of $500,000 enables us to expand to more parishes, more communities, and more young adults while building an endowment that secures this mission for generations to come.


  1. New territories:
    • Formation and retreats for Alaska’s Yupik young adults of the Yukon–Kuskokwim Delta 
    • An added Caritas Retreat in Boise, ID
    • Supporting outreaches to parishes in Dallas, TX and Charlotte, NC
  2. Expanded offerings to young families:
    • "Moment of Pause" Days of Prayer
    • Dolores Mission Adopt-a-Family
    • Faith Sharing Groups
    • Casa Building trips and a new home sponsored by a young US couple

* See page 113 of Fr. Nicholas Lombardo's book, 20s/30s Ministry: A Guide For Parishes.