"Caritas gave me the space to open up ... to let go of a lot of stuff." - Roy Q.

"At Caritas I discovered a greater love ... I learned to let God love me & to myself love God back." - Manolo R.


“Caritas changed our marriage as a couple ... It helped me to love myself and to love my husband John as he is.” - Jody K.

"The weekend was very healing in a way I didn't expect ... I learned to allow God to come closer to me and my life situation ..." - Laura C.

 "The retreat helped me understand that I don't need to project a perfect image ... It helped me build more authentic relationships and community." - Matt L.


"Caritas really opened up my life. I had missed God for 4-5 years and I was at a place where it was really hard to have faith in God ..." - Shanith M.