In our contemporary world "love" is a much overused, yet a confusing four-letter word. We are bombarded through social and print medias with many images and notions of love. We seldom have opportunities to seriously reflect on healthy models of love and relationships, or get in touch with what love means to us personally. To do so in an open and honest way is rare.

Caritas offers such an opportunity. It creates a safe and sacred space among young adults in their 20′s, 30′s and 40's to explore their honest feelings and thoughts about love, God, and meaningful relationships. And to possibly discover love anew!

It does not matter if you are in a good place in your life, unsure about faith, have issues with God, confused about love, done with relationships, or a little lost in life. There is a place for you on Caritas. You only need to be open and willing to grow spiritually with others.

People who are single, married, divorced, of same-sex orientation, of varied religious persuasions have found Caritas helpful for their faith journeys. Since 2005, Caritas has helped thousands of people take their next step in life. Could it help you?


“One of the most helpful things for me at Caritas was the sacred space that was created by our small group. It’s hard to fully describe my experience, but there was something truly special about being with a group of people who you knew were there just to be there for you, who were not there to judge or offer unsolicited advice, who would safe guard what you shared, and compassionately lift you up in prayer. It was really comforting to know that everyone else was fighting their own battles, too, and that it was okay to come just as I was, no matter how broken I might have felt… Who knew that God could create such a strong, yet diverse community of young faith-filled people?” – Kimmi Nguyen, Caritas 22