Who is it for?
Anyone 23-40+ years old.

I’m not a Catholic, but interested in attending the retreat. Am I still able to attend?
Yes, our retreat is open to everyone, but it has many Catholic elements. All we ask is your willingness to be open. We do not try to convert anyone or force Catholic values on anyone.

Do you have financial assistance available?
Yes. We will consider it on a case-by-case and need basis. If you really want to attend, we will do our best to help. Please get in touch with the contact person for the Caritas retreat you are interested in attending. 

I’m over 40, can I still attend?
We’re here to help people grow spiritually. If you really wanted to attend, please contact the person in charge for the Caritas retreat you are interested in attending by email. We can help to see if Caritas or another retreat is best for you. Our Registration Team, which includes a priest Chaplain, will give our best advice so you can better decide. If you have a desire to accompany young adults, irregardless of your age, we'd love to talk to you about attending a Caritas Retreat which has adults like yourselves participating. 

Is it a good idea for my significant other and I to attend the same Caritas Retreat?
Yes! However, we learn from experience that going on a retreat with the appropriate attitude is key to how much one will gain from it. If you both intend to go, please talk about giving each other personal space on the retreat to grow individually, as well as, a couple. Experience has clearly shown that couples who give each other enough personal space on the retreat benefit and grow more from it, whereas couples who are often by each other’s side end up growing and benefiting less from the retreat.

What if I registered and can’t go anymore? What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellations 14 or more days prior to the start date of the retreat will receive a full refund. For Paypal transactions, a 3% processing fee will be deducted from the entire refund. If your reservation is cancelled less than 14 days of the start of the retreat, you will receive a credit applicable toward a future retreat.

What if I've already attended Caritas? Can I go again?
Yes. If you are interested in attending another Caritas retreat, we recommend attending a second Caritas retreat at least one to two years apart and typically no more than twice.  We highly recommend other retreats that may be helpful in deepening your spiritual growth such as Encountering JesusSilent Retreat or Veritas.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions.