In order to assist you in making your own informed decision about possible concerns or any safety questions regarding traveling to Tijuana, Mexico, we offer the following suggested readings:


We encourage you to read the U.S. state department’s latest travel warnings.  These are the most official and detailed travel information and warnings in regards to Mexico, and specifically Tijuana.  Click here for the full text.


In addition to the official government report, we encourage you to read the current local news reports from the San Diego Sun Newspaper. This will give you further helpful information about the specific situation at the border and in Tijuana including the following news article from January 2012 which reports a drop in violence in Tijuana.

Build a Miracle Foundation

In addition, the Build a Miracle Foundation (which we will be working with) has a long standing relationship with the El Florido community for well over ten (10) years now.  These deep and long standing relationships (and more accurately, FRIENDSHIPS) and the great work they are doing in Tijuana is something we encourage you to read more about as well. 

In a nutshell, Build a Miracle is a non-profit (501c3) organization based in San Diego, CA, that raises funds to build homes for needy families in Tijuana, located just across the Mexican border.  Build a Miracle enlist volunteers like ourselves from CLC to travel to Mexico and help build these homes.

We ask that you read and take the government travel advisories and new reports seriously.  Ultimately, every volunteer needs to make their own best informed decision about safety concerns and if these community building weekends are for you. Because we travel as a caravan together during the day, always with local community members, and to safer parts of Tijuana, risks are significant reduced on these Casa Building trips. In the past three years, there has been no safety issue that have arisen during any of the trips.

If you have any concerns regarding safety, please contact us directly at We can get you in touch with previous participants who have had similar concerns.