Servant Leadership, or loving and serving as Jesus, is way of helping one another become a Church of joyful missionary disciples.

The GOAL of Servant Leadership is to help one another become our truest selves, to become the person (Imago Dei) God created us to be. It’s about empowering each other to fulfill our callings in life.

The TASKS of Servant Leadership, by order of decreasing priority, involves:

  1. Letting God influence (transform, lead, etc.) us to become truly, fully, and humbly ourselves;

  2. Empowering others to exercise their baptismal gifts through service;

  3. Organizing and planning events and programs (to empower others to serve and live out their callings in life).

The APPROACH of Servant Leadership takes the path of accompaniment through Cura Personalis and Empowering Growth.