“The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.” – Mt. 1:1

Usually I am tempted to skip genealogies in the Bible, but our genealogies are what show us our roots – where we came from, who we came from. This Christmas we will be celebrating the birth of Jesus of course, but also the birth of our first great granddaughter. We will have four generations in the same room on Christmas day. Moreover, this will be the first Christmas since the year 2000 on which our entire nuclear family will be together. Family is very important to us, and the ones who went before have in some ways shaped who we are. Two of my great-grandfathers wrote letters about their lives or their adventures which were saved by the family and are actually now in the Minnesota Historical Museum. I love to read these letters and marvel over the lives that they lived at a time when Minnesota was the frontier. So, you see, genealogy can be exciting. Jesus’ family came from some even more interesting people, so at this time of year, I am ready to take the time to read the genealogy of Jesus.

How has the past of my family shaped me?

Sharon Sullivan