“The tender mercy of our God … will visit us … to guide our feet into the way of peace." – Lk 1: 78-79

For many of us, Christmas Eve is often full of many activities: last minute shopping, cooking, traveling, gift-wrapping, etc. We can feel the pressure to make things happen, to be happy and cheerful, even with people we struggle to accept or those who trigger allergic reactions within us.  

Yet, God promises to lead us to greater well being, even if we don’t know the way, have it all together, or be fully open. As we stumble and fumble along our paths these days, we can pause to receive the peace that God is with us, guiding us. Gift yourself with a minute of solitude and quiet, perhaps through this video:

Lord, help me trust that you are already with me, whispering: “Peace. I am here!”