“Arise, my beloved, my beautiful one, and come!” – Song of Songs, 2:10

The Bible continuously likens God’s love to the love of a bridegroom for his bride, and we continuously shy away from the intensity and power of God’s love. Yet there it is, time and again, this invitation to lose oneself in the love of God.  Why did I ever resist?  I resisted because of the cross; because it means that I must learn to love this way, and I know how imperfect and selfish I am, but I have decided to accept this invitation to lose myself in the love of God.

Beloved Lord,
we fear to look directly at your love,
as we fear to look directly at the
These eyes of ours,
these imperfect eyes,
will be blinded to the world,
somehow we know. 

Someday, we think,
we will have new eyes,
eyes that can bear to look…

But some of us look anyway;
cannot resist looking into your love,
and then we are caught up in it,
a death worth dying. 

Sharon Sullivan