“God then separated the light from the darkness.” – Gen. 1:4

Holy Saturday is my favorite day of the year. It surpasses my birthday, my son’s birthday, Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. This is the day of ease. This is the in-between place of peace from the crucifixion and celebration from the resurrection. It is the space separating overwhelming darkness and majestic light.

A few weeks ago, I obeyed God’s call to apply to a grad school that I have loved, albeit it took three years of patience (on His part) and resistance (on my part). I completed the application and essays with plenty of time for writing the answers to questions that required deep reflection on my religious background and work experience. This was enjoyable but also challenging and enlightening.

As soon as I hit the “send” button last Sunday, my inner voice whispered doubts and fears. I constantly reminded myself that this was out of my control and prayed to God for patience. After three days, the admissions counselor called to say that I had been accepted and will start in September.

Three days is not a long time to wait, but it is in the waiting that I learned to surrender the illusion of control and receive from the Holy Spirit the grace of inner peace and sweet love. In this waiting, I trusted God and released expectation. In this waiting, I faced my own darkness and chose to embrace my light. Perhaps, Holy Saturday asks us to do the same?

Lord, thank You for giving us both light and darkness.

Maria Padua