“Jesus met them on their way…” – Mt 28:9

There is a pattern that has been emerging in my life in the past few years and more clearly so this past year: as I walk in faith and trust, the path reveals itself beneath my feet. As I struggle to let go of previous ways of praying and embrace a new and elusive way of being with God in prayer, a new tenderness emerges. As I resist surprising turns in some of my closest relationships, a deeper sense of connection and acceptance bourgeons. I am rarely clear where I am being led, yet I find myself growing in confidence that the One who beckons guides me step-by-step and meets me along the way. There is often discomfort, but enough life to elicit greater trust.

It’s consoling that the two women disciples in today’s Gospel experienced a similar pattern. They were led, step-by-step, as they grieved, along a path of unknowing. As they went away quickly from the tomb, fearful yet overjoyed, Jesus met them along the way. Like the angels outside the grave, he calmed their fears and encouraged them to continue their mission of directing the other disciples towards Galilee. Like St. Ignatius of Loyola, they “found the path that came to meet [them]” along the way.

The Risen Jesus consoles, encourages us on our path, and transforms our hearts in surprising ways. This is the season of unexpected newness.

Risen One, may I allow the beating of your heart to quicken the faintness of my heart, step-by-step, and let your tenderness guide my path.

Photo credit: Tam Lontok