“I have come down to rescue them…” – Ex. 3:8

My daughter, who is nearly two, has an adorable way of beckoning us to come play with her. She’ll say “Mommy” or “Dada” and then hit the ground inches away from her twice, indicating the exact place we should sit. Sometimes, we’ll enter her play space and come quite near, but according to her it is not close enough. She’ll then repeat her beckon. “Mommy/Dada,” tap-tap, wait. We must get closer, she signifies. I thoroughly enjoy watching my husband, with his 6’4” frame, climb into her play space. It is beautiful to watch the juxtaposition of his size and hers. To see him step over the mess of toys and books and use his strong hands to gently hold a small teacup makes my heart swell. There is no purer sign of love, it seems, than a father that enters into the mess of things, inching closer to meet his beloved child.

In today’s first reading, we hear the familiar story of Moses and the burning bush. During this encounter, the Lord tells Moses that he has “come down to rescue” the people of Egypt who are in slavery. What pure love that we have a heavenly Father who enters into the mess of things and inches closer to his beloved children! I wonder, though, do we always invite Him to come closer or do we prefer Him at a distance? Are we sometimes overwhelmed by the mess of our lives? Do we sometimes think that the Lord is too big or indifferent towards the seemingly insignificant details of the day? Let’s take a moment this Lent to be as little children. Let us invite the Lord to come closer so as to experience the purity of His love for us. “Abba, Father”, tap-tap, wait.

Heavenly Father, I desire to experience the purity of your love. Help me to invite you into the mess of today. Come closer, Lord.

Patty Hussey

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