“Whoever keeps my word will never see death." – Jn 8:51

Deep down in my heart, I always desire to be as close to God as possible and to do his will. In reality, more often I find myself fighting so hard to “keep his word,” to surrender my will in order to do his will. Through my past experiences, it seems to me that his demands and invitations always surpass my understanding. Indeed, what I normally think and want usually are the opposite of what he asks me to do. To “keep his word” reminds and invites me to a deeper personal relationship with him: to know him better each day and put my trust in him even though it does not make sense...yet.

Living in this earthly world with so many uncertainties, I used to plan my unknown future with many back-ups, just in case the first plan would not work out. Through my human eyes, to “keep his word” seemed crazy, insecure, uncomfortable, doubtful, risky, and sacrificial. However, the more I pray and spend time with him, I realize that Jesus is humorous and he loves me so much. He knows me so well, much more than what I know about myself. He knows all my hopes, dreams as well as my struggles, and he always wants the best for me. What used to seem as a dead end and impossibility now through faith becomes hope, opportunity and grace. Whenever I look back at my past, I always laugh with joy and gratitude for these abundant graces and blessings God has done in my life. Keeping his word is surely not easy, but it is worth it because God always provides sustain grace to live abundantly with joy, especially the affirmation of his covenant of the eternal life with him for ever and ever.

Let's put our trust in God, allow ourselves to be open to his will. Let’s keep his word and be surprised by him, for “whoever keeps my word will never see death." (Jn 8:51)

What is your ultimate goal? What are your priorities? What else would be more important than to keep his word, and live an eternal life with him forever?

Minh Tran