“Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose hope is in the lord.” – Jer 17:7

I sat in on a wonderful talk by a Jesuit priest. He asked the audience if we trust Google to lead us where we need to go when we’re lost. Most of the audience nodded in agreement. The priest followed up with asking why we don’t trust God to do the same.

This question has been gnawing at me ever since it was first asked. If I have faith in Google to lead the way and yet believe God is all-knowing, why do I refuse to let God lead me? Fear. I have fear of the unknown. But you know God… I know God, but I don’t know his plans for me.

In Chapter 17 verses 5-10, Jeremiah paints a contrast of two different ways of life - one with God and one without. A life without God is vacant and cursed. Those who turn away from God live a drab life. When we trust only in ourselves or other human beings, we risk being disappointed, heartbroken, and fooled. In the days of pyramid schemes, how many of us have been swindled by those we trusted?

Life with God is fruitful. Those who trust in God live a blessed life, like a tree planted by the water that never has to worry about changes in the weather. The tree is life-giving, it is loved and protected and created to grow in strength. Isn’t that what we yearn for - to have our roots deeply planted in God so that the winds of change can’t knock us down?

There are struggles in each of us, even the most confident person has their moments of trials and tribulations. Yet, if we put trust in God to guide us through our darkest moments as much as we trust Google to find our way out of traffic jams, we would never be alone. No storms or struggles can separate God’s children from His love. That’s His reward for all those who trust and believe in him.

Heavenly Father, help me learn to stop and listen to your turn by turn direction.

Kath Tran