“Jesus himself drew near and walked with them, but their eyes were prevented from recognizing him.” – Lk. 24:15-16

Driving home one day, I felt my mind fixate on a worry. Downcast and troubled, I let it ruminate and stew. Fortunately, I remembered something that my husband often suggests. He tells me to “hunt the good stuff.” So, I simply turned off the radio and prayed. Often my prayer consists of telling God about my troubles or inadequacies. However, this time I pushed myself to hunt the good. I started each sentence with, “Thank you, God, for…” At first, it was very basic and simple. “Thank you, God, for my health. Thank you, God, for my daughter. Thank you, God, for my husband.”

Abruptly, my prayer would switch to a need. “But God, I could really use…” So, I’d stop mid-sentence and start over. “Thank you, God, for the beautiful town that I live in and for good neighbors that welcomed us.” The more I pushed, the more I noticed I was thanking God for things that were unexpected. “Thank you, God, for the trials of the last year. For in them, I’ve grown closer to family. Thank you, God, for challenges that push me and test my limits.”

It became easier and easier to hunt the good. Eventually, I was even finding good in adversity.

This had me thinking. Why is it sometimes so hard to hunt for the good stuff within life’s circumstances? Suddenly, I realized that when we are hunting for good, we are in fact hunting for God himself. For, He is the ultimate good in our lives.

It is an Ignatian practice to “find God in all things”. Could this be made easier by finding “good in all things?” For, I’d venture to say where there is good, there you will find God.

The apostles themselves had trouble on the road to Emmaus to hunt for good and recognize Emmanuel (which means “God with us”). They were so downcast and fixated on their troubles, on the events of Jesus’ crucifixion and death, that they didn’t even recognize Jesus! This sure makes me feel better, but it also convicts me to continue to hunt for the good, or should I say the “God stuff” within my own life.

Lord, help us to always recognize you walking right beside us. Help us to hunt for the good stuff and the “God stuff” in our lives.

Patty Hussey