“Jesus turned and saw them following him and said to them, ‘What are you looking for?’” – Jn. 1:38

The Disciples follow behind the Lord and do not make themselves known. They do not call out to him; they do not try to catch up with him. They know the humility of a pure and simple following. Nor do they ask themselves what is going to happen now. The decision rests wholly with the Lord. The Lord himself turns around and addresses them. He allows them to come to him; he is ready for them. To everyone who follows he gives at once the whole. No one can say that he has followed the Lord without the Lord having turned around and taken notice of him.

And it never happens that the Lord allows a man to run until he has caught up with him and reached him. Rather, every life that follows him is fulfilled and led by him. Not in the sense of sensible consolation; it can be a fulfilment in the night and in aridity. The how of fulfilment is a matter for the Lord. As certain as the fulfilment is, as unparalleled is the manner of its taking place. It is further said that the Lord sees them coming. They are walking up to him under his eyes. This gaze of the Lord falls on every moment of our life in which we try to follow him.

What are you looking for when you follow Jesus?

Adrienne von Speyr from Give Us This Day