“Go and search diligently for the child.” – Mt. 2:1-2

In the feast of the Epiphany, we rejoice in the courage and trust of our first seekers. The journey of the Magi is a story of faith. It encourages us to cultivate a relationship with God and commit our attention, discovery, and articulation towards something more profound: the realities of God’s graces in our midst. Faith can grow in the ordinary events of life. It asks us to keep our eyes, hearts, and minds open to witness the extraordinary graces in the everyday moments to lead us home into His humble stable.

Each of us has a personal star guiding us, and it has a different name at various points of our lives. Like the Magi, we can see Him, and it’s up to us to search for Him diligently as our life’s work. Sometimes the search for God takes us no further than closing our eyes, quieting our minds, and breathing in stillness. While other times, we can find Him in our home, family, friends, community, those we serve, and in the joy and pain of life’s experiences.

There is a thirsting inside all of us, a general restlessness until we offer ourselves to Him in heartfelt homage. For me, it was making it through the heartbreak of infertility. I came out on the other side with grateful eyes and more receptive to God’s love and dreams for me. Since becoming a mother, my spiritual journey has radically deepened, the full dimension of which I am not yet fully able to articulate. But I know that caring and loving my toddler daughter is calling me to be a witness of God in a way that I could never have been before. Spending time with her is almost always a balm to my soul. She is one of the real treasures and privileges of my life.

Everything in life has the potential to be beautiful. Some things need a second glance, a chance to prove to us that the view might not be what we expected and can be better. In following my bright star and making small and big decisions with Him, I reveal and discover my most authentic self. I walk more gently and openly towards Him and respond with greater love, patience, and understanding to those around me as well as myself. I come to embrace my belovedness and brokenness as God’s story for me - a work of art in constant progress.

Lord, help me to see Your love and grace as I continue to walk in the middle of my story...

Tam Lontok