“I hear the whisperings of many: ‘Terror on every side! Denounce! Let us denounce him!’” – Jer. 20:10

A relationship defined me. I got so lost in her that I forgot who I was. When she was no longer there, I found myself flailing in attempts to pick myself up and back together.

It wasn’t easy. At times, I could almost hear the whispers denouncing me, voices that sounded eerily like my own. At times, I criticized myself tougher than Jesus’ harshest critics, finding myself wanting to stone myself (sounds a little dramatic, I know ;).

However, I felt an invitation to listen to a gentler voice, to trust my brokenness with those who loved me: friends, family, and God. In tears and vulnerability, I revealed my hurt, and all I received was unconditional love. They reminded me of all who I was and of all the good in my life. It took four long years to be in a place to love again.

That happened over ten years ago. And somehow, God, in His wisdom, gives me an annual reminder at Lent. He reminds me that healthy relationships can continue to define me (e.g., with God, friends, and family), to see all the love and good around me, and that I can love again and again.  

What reminders does God have for you this Lent?