Learning Community Resources


What is Servant Leadership?
Servant Leadership, or loving and serving as Jesus, is a way of helping one another become a Church of joyful missionary disciples. Click here to learn more.

Why be a part of the School of Servant Leadership?
The School of Servant Leadership is a process of developing joyful missionary disciples through ongoing spiritual, leadership, and communal formation.  It aims to help participants grow in their sense of God’s invitations to serve and love others, as well as understand and authentically live the spirit of Servant Leadership in practical ways. Click here to learn more.

What is a learning community?
Learning Communities are small groups that intentionally explore and enflesh the principles of Servant Leadership in their lives through personal study, heartfelt conversations, and meaningful praxis. Click here to learn more.

Please contact Mary Schimmoller mschimmoller@holyfamily.org for any other questions.